DVD with a big amount of files in PDF format obtainable.

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Here you can buy some of my editions:

At this page I´m going to publish my collection of music, mostly for such the church from 1800 to 1900 and give the opportunity to download them - they are free for non commercial use!

Most of them come from the archive of music of our parish, containing a big lot of old prints and copies by hand. I also get sent a big amount of works from other archives, first of all J. Pulda from Czechia is very busy on this, thanks to him and all. I edited them as well. A third part are adaptions or compositions of my own for the use with my choir or music groups. .

Just a word about my editing: I do it more for practical use than a correct original text . Dynamics and articulation often are very inconsequent. I often tried to assimilate, especially dynamics - conductors mostly don´t like the tenor singing forte while the others have piano, even if that´s that, what the sheet says.

The organ part is mostly executed by me as a piano reduction and are - the original organ parts where mostly also like that. That gives the opportunity to produce this works only with organ or not with the full orchestra, mostly the instrumental parts are not obligatory. For some of my newer works I have added to the full score a continuo part and an redeuction to the version for choir and organ.

Written are those files with Finale, you need this program for viewing and printing.

For this simple purpose Finale Reader will do as well, you can get it from the page of the producer, download here.

Sibelius did read Finale files in older versions, as far as I know, other programs can not do this.

Many of my file you can get at cpdl.org as a PDF. You can also get a CD from me with a lot of PDF´s, if you want only a single PDF, I could send it to you by E-mail.


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