DVD with a big amount of files in PDF format obtainable.


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New: Now with a central html-side, that provides indexing on composer or voicing as well as further informations.

Its a problem, that my files are not very useful, if you can not use Finale for printing and producing single parts.

Therefore I have made for a big selection of my works PDF-files, which can easily be viewed and printed with Acrobat Reader. For each piece I have created the score and all necessary single parts, all together in the moment more than 6000 files. I added also the midi file for listening. All this I burn on a DVD,all sorted by composer or instrumentation, each piece in a folder with the name of it. This DVD I can send to you.
For my costs I ask you to pay me

20.00 Euro

You can order online:
Send me a mail at this address:
manfred@mhoessl.de (please add your address as well!)
and transfer 20 Euro to my account at Netbank
Manfred Hl Kto.Nr.: 7087845, BLZ 200 905 00
For transfer from inside the EU: IBAN DE53 2009 0500 0007 0878 45 BIC GENODEF1S15.

Or, better and cheaper, you send it by Post with a letter. 
Add the 20 Euro to the letter and address it to

Manfred Hl
D 84494 Neumarkt - Sankt Veit

Its also possible to pay by PayPal, just click the icon on the left.

I will send the DVD to you without further costs for you.

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