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IMy name is Manfred Hl, I did study church music in Regensburg and I am since 1988 organist and director of the choir at the former monastery church St. Veit in Neumarkt - Sankt Veit, a very small town in Bavaria.

I found out, that our parish owns a big lot of old sheets from the time between 1800 and 1900, which are nowadays no more available and hardly known. There were only the parts, mostly in old clefs, so that I had make a score to see, what they are like. I found out, they were quite attractive and very useful, especially for smaller and not so experienced choirs.

The composers are mostly musicians, who did only write church music and therefore the are not known, also their music then was sung in almost every church (at least in Bavaria).

Soon other choirs asked me for this scores and then I had the idea to publish them in the internet.

You may downlod this scores free and use them for your musical performance with no problems with the copyright, I would be just glad to get informed, where and who uses them and what experiences you have with them.

If you have questions or problems, just contact me.

I am as well very interested, if you have sheets to work out, which would fit in this collection.

More about at my church music homepage www.sankt-veit.de 

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